You don’t need hundreds of acres to start making a difference right now. We have a saying here when it comes to becoming more sustainable: “Start where you are, right now.” Even if you only have a patio outside your kitchen, or a tenth acre lot in town, we can help you to create a more resilient and ecological life. Here are a few ways:

Zero Waste Lifestyle

If you’re like us, you don’t like sending your waste off to the landfill. At Savory Landscaping we’re Zero Waste enthusiasts, and our consultants are happy to help you put systems into place to make living a zero waste life easy and fun. From under-sink vermicomposting to consume all of your kitchen scraps while simultaneously building valuable soil nutrient to eliminating waste packaging, the solutions are here and ready to use.

Why buy a bag of compost for your garden, then throw the plastic bag that compost came in into the trash, when you can make your own compost on a small scale while reducing your waste output?

Urban Homesteading and Micro Farms

Grow food, not lawns!

This is a movement. This is the coming age of “yards”. They not only provide a living space to enjoy, but they feed and provide for us, they give us resilience and beauty and health, they improve the ecosystem. You might be surprised at how much food can be created in a small space! We design everything from patio barbecue gardens (complete with most herbs you enjoy cooking with) to complete urban homesteads. Perhaps you only have room for a few fruit trees? We’ll combine them with a diverse assortment of companion plants, bushes, and shrubs, all designed to provide food for years to come while increasing diversity and enjoyment and reducing maintenance. Some of our small-scale systems include:

  • The culinary garden

  • The berry garden
  • Salad greens box
  • The micro family farm
  • The balcony ecosystem

Ecological Land Development

Are you building a new home or developing a land project? Our consultants can help you discover innovative ways to reduce your ecological impact, use passive solar and rainfall to your greatest advantage, and design life support systems that preserve and improve the surrounding environment.

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