At Savory Landscaping we make use of current technology to rapidly create personalized ecological designs.
Here’s how our design process works:

Book an Appointment

Take a few minutes to fill out the booking form in detail, which will help us understand your goals, values, and desires for your custom design.

Enjoy Our Free Consultation

During our first consult visit, we will discuss your vision for the property and it can be achieved in stages that will fit your budget. We will also fly a drone to get aerial imagery, and then we use laser measuring devices to quickly survey your property. The aerial image is a gift from us!

Your Design Should be Ready Within a Few Days

Once we’ve collected all of the information that we need, our team goes to work creating a basemap of your property and then designing a regenerative landscape that meets your needs. A comprehensive site plan allows you to combine individual elements of your homestead to create a cohesive, functional, and beautiful space. An edible landscape design includes scaled drawings of the space, planting recommendations, material specifications and precise dimensions for garden elements such as: garden beds, pathways, trellises, irrigation, tool sheds, washing stations, greenhouses, and seating areas. Once the design and accompanying quote are ready, we can deliver them in digital or printed format.

Project Management That Gets It Right

If you choose us to manage the installation, you can count on getting the results you want in a timely fashion. We use Kaizen, a holistic business management system based on rapid problem solving, continuous improvement, and respect for people to get the work done and ensure you’re completely thrilled with the completed project.

Our Services Include:

• Consultation
• Design
• Installation
• Fencing
• Construction
• Maintenance
• Irrigation
• Hardscapes
• Carpentry

• Urban Livestock
• Water Harvesting
• Arborist work
• Keyline Design
• Erosion Control
• Retaining Walls
• Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management
• Drought Mitigation
• Nursery of available plants
• Remineralization

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