Broadacre Land Management


Do you have a large tract of land that you’d like to put to use? At Savory Landscaping we’re passionate about using large-scale regenerative landscaping systems to restore our planet and improve our environment. Here’s how:

Carbon Sequestration


Planting a forest of trees or restoring a damaged grassland is one of the best ways to pull carbon from the atmosphere and safely store it in the soil, all while building valuable biomass that can become timber, along with food forest systems that are designed to be installed once and last for lifetimes. Why not have an orchard of fruit trees on your land?


Water Retention


Our permaculture based design systems make the most of natural rainfall, preserving moisture in the soil and plants, reducing runoff and erosion, and mitigating the need for irrigation.


Soil Building and Restoration


Restoring damaged land and building nutrient in the soil doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. With careful design, patience, and a well executed plan, even barren and eroded areas can be restored. Using nutrient-fixing plants, ground cover, mulch, livestock, and land shaping, bountiful living soil can be built up to support food forest systems or greatly improve grazing land.

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